Raindrop Technique for Massage Therapists.

Raindrop technique is a great addition to any massage therapists’ practice, as it is highly effective for relaxation and therapeutic results, without being strenuous on the massage therapists’ body.
After spending some time with Lakota Indians, Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils) became fascinated by the history of one of their traditional ceremonies. Long ago, before the establishment of the current border system, these American Indians would travel north into Canada at the time when the Aurora Borealis was most active. They would stand with their arms outstretched, inhaling deeply and “breathing in” the electricity and energy of the Aurora Borealis, and then “breathing” it back out through their spine. Many illnesses and injuries were healed during these trips, all attributed to the healing energy of the Aurora Borealis. Once the borders were established, and the people could no longer travel to the site, they attempted to re-create the experience in ceremony. As one person stood with arms outstretched, another would stand behind them and perform feather strokes up the spine, energizing and awakening the healing energy within the receiver. Gary Young realized that this technique, combined with the healing energy and frequency of therapeutic grade essential oils, would be able to do amazing things.
Essential oils are the “lifeblood” of plants, and can have great benefits when applied topically, inhaled or even ingested in some cases. The high concentration of essential oils makes them highly effective in fighting bacteria and viruses, stimulating the nerves, tissue regrowth, and enhancing and improving mood. The Raindrop treatment utilizes 9 very powerful oils: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Peppermint, Aroma Siez (muscle relaxing blend), and Valor (energy balancing blend). These oils together create a highly detoxifying, immune boosting, and deeply balancing and relaxing experience.
The treatment begins with application of the oils to foot “vitaflex” points, similar to a reflexology treatment. Vitaflex means “vitality through the reflexes. Oils are applied to these points and then the points are stimulated to send an electrical charge down the nerve pathways until a break in the path (caused by damage or toxins) is met and addressed by the chemistry of the oils. The oils are then dropped directly onto the spine from the bottle. This is done this way so that there is no interference by the therapist in the initial reaction between the energy of the oils and the energy of the client. Gentle stroking of the spine and gentle massage to the muscles surrounding the spine help to facilitate relaxation and absorption of the oils for maximum results. A hot compress is applied at the end of the application to further “drive in” the oils.
The benefits of the treatment are endless: the oils are anti-viral, analgesic, energy aligning, muscle relaxing, restorative and detoxifying. The treatment can be modified with application of various oils to treat various conditions and illnesses. You are only limited by your knowledge of your client and your knowledge of essential oils. But the best part is, you can truly care for your clients and get amazing results without completely exhausting yourself and doing damage to your muscles and joints, as can often be the result of performing massage. Raindrop is a great way to care for your clients AND care for yourself at the same time! You can check out some great testimonials about results of Raindrop Technique here. Interested in purchasing the oils? The Raindrop kit from Young Living comes with a complete set of oils and a DVD to teach you how to perform the treatment. You can purchase here, or contact me for more information or to find out how to purchase at wholesale cost!

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  • Alina Piccone September 7, 2011, 9:24 pm

    Raindrop is an amazing technique and, I agree, from the point of view of a LMT, it is a literal “hand-saver”! Performing the technique is more about the oils and less about tissue manipulation, so it saves our hands, plus we get the therapeutic effects of the oils on our own hands which can be heaven-sent after a long day or massaging! Great post!


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