Young Living Essential Oils for Fertility

One of my favorite things about being a Young Living distributor is that people are always asking if I “have an oil for ________”.  Usually I do!  But one of the most interesting inquiries I’ve had is a few women asking about Young Living Essential Oils and products for fertility.  Who can blame them for seeking out a natural solution to difficulty in conceiving?  Having a child is one of the most natural things in the world – who wants to begin that process with medical procedures or pharmaceuticals if there are other solutions available?  These questions always give me an opportunity to learn more about our product lines and oils, and I’ve learned that there is good news in this area!  Young Living has several products that are recommended for women when trying to conceive.

According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, “Natural progesterone creams when used at the beginning of the cycle (immediately following the cessation of menstruation) can improve fertility.  Some essential oils have hormone-like qualities that can support or improve fertility processes.”  Young Living has two hormone products that are great for using topically:

Progessence Plus Serum is formulated for maximum performance. All natural, USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted in vitamin E and essential oils for optimal absorption. Studies indicate that limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil can enhance substance penetration through the skin. Progessence Plus does not require the cycling of application sites. Progessence Plus allows women to have natural balance the way nature intended. Specifically formulated by Dr. Dan Purser and D. Gary Young, Progessence Plus maximizes the effects of progesterone by utilizing an innovative delivery system. Pure USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted into a therapeutic-grade essential oil-infused serum that enhances substance penetration through the skin.  Apply 2–4 drops twice daily on neck area. For added effect, apply 1–2 drops along forearms
twice daily. Does not need to be rotated on different areas of the body or cycled throughout the month.  To increase fertility, apply on 2-4 drops on the lower back and lower abdomen 2-3 times daily at the beginning of the cycle.

Prenolone+ Cream is another hormone product that may help increase fertility.  The cream contains pregnenolone, the precursor hormone from with the body creates all other sex and adrenal hormones, and boosts estrogen and progesterone levels.  This cream is designed for people who either have insufficient results with Progessence or have deficient levels of both estrogen and progesterone.  Pregnenolone is such a powerful hormone with so many benefits that D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, dedicated an entire book to it in Pregnenolone: A Radical New Approach to Health, Long Life, and Emotional Well-Being.  Apply 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. one to two times daily for 21 continuous days. Discontinue use for 7 days, then repeat. Massage cream thoroughly into soft tissue areas of the body until absorbed.  For fertility specifically, apply to lower back and lower abdomen 2-3 times daily at the beginning of the cycle.


Clary Sage is the one of the first recommendations for increased female fertility from the Desk Reference.  Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) essential oil contains natural phytoestrogens. It has a mellow, warm, herbal scent that is uplifting and relaxing, making it a perfect choice for supporting a normal, healthy attitude during PMS. It is also supportive for menopausal women. Clary Sage has an approximate ORAC of 2,209,727 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.   It can be taken internally or applied topically.  To promote fertility, it can be applied in the same way as the Progessence Serum or Prenolone Cream, and additionally can be applied to the reproductive vitaflex points around the front of the ankles in line with the anklebone, on the lower sides of the anklebone, and along the Achilles tendon.


SclarEssence supports normal glandular functions. It combines the soothing effects of peppermint with the balancing power of fennel and clary sage along with the gentle, calming action of sage lavender for an extraordinary dietary supplement.  It balances hormones naturally using essential oil phytoestrogens.  It has been shown to increase estrogen levels.  This blend can cause skin sensitivity, so it is recommended mostly for ingestion in a capsule blended with pure vegetable oil, and also should not be used in conjunction with any other hormone products.

Men, of course, can be doing things to help on their end as well.  Young Living has some great hormone balancing products for men, such as the Prostate Health supplement and Mister essential oil blend.  Both contribute to reproductive health in men, which of course will always increase the chances of conception.  The reproductive points are in similar areas for both men and women, so the Mister blend can be applied to the same areas around the ankles, and Prostate Health should simply be taken as directed.

Infertility is of course a growing problem in our world today.  With all of the environmental factors that we know affect our health, and many factors that we haven’t yet discovered the effects of, it only makes sense that this most natural process is hindered by all of the unnatural factors we are exposed to.  Young Living products are a great way to bring balance back to your system.  The best thing that you can do to increase your chances of conception is to keep your body healthy and happy, and Young Living offers so many options for doing just that.

(Information on oils and products taken from The Essential Oils Desk Reference by Essential Science publishing and

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  • Jennifer April 2, 2013, 5:08 pm

    I am using oral contraceptives to help with hair loss and would love to replace it with the oils or other YL product. What do you suggest?
    Thank you!

    • vrc211 April 2, 2013, 8:07 pm

      Hi Jennifer! My first question would be to ask what your doctor says is causing the hair loss. I’m assuming that there is some sort of hormonal imbalance and that’s why he suggested oral contraceptives? What hormones exactly are out of balance? I’d love to hear more before recommending a product for you to talk to your doctor about. Could you send me an email at or send me a message on the Balanced Essentials FB page? Also, a great resource for all things hormone related is Dr Dan Purser. His book Progesterone: The Ultimate Feel Good Women’s Hormone, is a great resource for information on hormonal imbalance. He’s a genius! Looking forward to hearing more from you, Jennifer :)

  • Sharon September 21, 2013, 7:13 pm

    Hey girl. I absolutley LOVE this blog. My husband and I had been trying for over 2 years; doctors checked both of us and did not find anything that they could pinpoint. My OBGYN is fantastic and attempted to work with us by prescribing me Femera days 3-7 or 4-8 (counting day one as the day i started my cycle)….this was to help boost my projesterone count which was tested each month day 21-24. My count is fairly low and he wanted to get it higher. The Femera did help raise it to a level that plesaed him. He tried this medication for 4 months and then said he’d done all he can do & sent us to a fertility doctor. Well, before we started fertility, I read your blog and used Clary Sage a couple times daily, EVERY DAY for 2 months. I applied to tops of my ankles, abdomen and lower abdomen near pubic bone. We got pregnant completely on our own after only 2 months of the Clary Sage :) We lost the baby at 9 weeks…but we were so plesaed to know that it CAN happen.

    We are at that time where we’re ready to try again. (I failed to mention that I’m 38). This time I’m still using Clary Sage like you recommend but decided to add Projesterone Plus to help my projesterone level. I’m soo confused as to what time of the month do I apply….. Should I apply day 2-7 or 4-8 of my cycle (same time I used to take Femera?) or is this different….should I apply every day of the month? I’m confused by the instructions in the desk reference that say start on day 15….. it doesn’t tell me when to stop applying. My desk reference which is the 5th addition says ” Natural Projesterone creams, when used form the middle to the end of the cycle starting on the day after ovulation, usually day 15 or later, may improve fertility.” So does this mean day 15 (or day after ovulation until day 1 of my next cycle)???

    ha ha – thank you for this wonderful blog! and thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me on when to take the projeserone plus.

  • Val September 22, 2013, 3:27 pm

    So glad to hear you’ve had some success! That’s wonderful! All of the recommendations in this post come from the Essential Oils Desk Reference 3rd Edition. I’m not a doctor, so I certainly can’t make recommendations on replacing prescription products, however from what I understand about using the Progessence Plus serum, you definitely can apply every day. Applying a few drops to the lower back and abdomen for the first week or so of your cycle (days 1-7) is suggested to increase fertility. You may want to check out some of Dr Dan Purser’s books, he is the doc that helped to develop Progessence Plus. He is also on Facebook, and is pretty good about answering questions through that venue. Thanks for your comments, good luck, and be sure to update us!


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